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Jennie I. Ruelas Castillo, PhD candidate JHU, Karakousis Lab The heme oxygenase-1 metalloporphyrin inhibitor stannsoporfin enhances the activity of a novel regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in a murine model
Amala Bhagat, PhD SCRI, Parish Lab Aminothiazoles kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis via copper-dependent inhibition of enolase 
Megan Maerz, PhD UW, Seshadri Lab CG vaccination induces clonal expansion, pro-inflammatory functions, and cytotoxicity in Vδ1 T cells.
Aparajita Saha, MBBS UW, Shah Lab Diminished TB-specific T cell responses during pregnancy in women with HIV and further alteration by isoniazid preventive therapy. 
Manuja Sharma, PhD candidate UW, Patel Lab TBscreen: A Passive Cough Classifier for Tuberculosis Screening with a Controlled Dataset 
Sara Cohen, PhD SCRI, Urdahl Lab Prior Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure enhances the efficacy of subunit vaccination