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2022 TRTC Junior Investigators
Ashenafi Cherkos, UW
Chandler Church, UW
Lauren Cross, SCRI
2021 TRTC Junior Investigators
Adrien Allorant, UW
Christine Anterasian, UW
Magda Donczew, UW
Andrew Frando, SCRI
Hyejeong Hong, UW
Mark Jones, UW
Amy Oreskovic, UW
2019 TRTC Junior Investigators
Jason Simmons, UW
Leo Martinez, Stanford
Ben Gern, Seattle Children’s
Jorge Ledesma, IHME
Fergal Duffy, Seattle Children’s
Jared Delahaye, Seattle Children’s
2018 TRTC Junior Investigators
Danae Black (UW), Tuberculosis risk by time since U.S. entry among foreign-born residents of Washington State
Shuyi Ma (CIDR), Data-driven inference of drug synergy
Courtney Plumlee (CIDR), A blood-based transcriptional signature in a novel murine tuberculosis model predicts risk of human tuberculosis progression
Jennifer Ross (UW/IHME), Progress toward eliminating TB and HIV deaths in Brazil, 2001-2015: a spatial assessment
Sambasivan Venkatsubramanian (UW), Using mouse and human models to understand how TOLLIP Influences TB Susceptibility and BCG vaccine responses
Eliza Peterson (ISB), Network analysis identifies regulation of mycolic acid desaturases as essential to stress adaptation for mycobacteria in diverse niches 
Adrienne Shapiro (UW), C-reactive protein to screen for HIV-associated tuberculosis in South Africa
Kristina Bajema (UW), Tuberculosis-related stigma in adults presenting for HIV testing in South Africa 
Charlotte James (UW), The Role of CD4 and CD8 Co-receptors in T cell Recognition of Mycobacterial Glycolipids
Alissa Rothchild (CIDR), In vivo transcriptional response of alveolar macrophages to Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Kirsten Wiens (UW), Geographic variation in mycobacterial genotypes and implications for tuberculosis epidemiology