TRAC Consortium

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Funded by the NIH to support the development of a next generation of tuberculosis (TB) researchers by providing focused mentoring and funding support for new investigators; opportunities for multidisciplinary and collaborative research; and training in laboratory and clinical settings.

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In 2022, NIAID established six new Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers (TRACs) to foster multidisciplinary tuberculosis (TB) research and deliver exceptional mentorship to new investigators.


Georgia Emory TRAC

  • ​​​​​​TRAC - Emory University, University of Georgia


Texas BioMed

  • Interdisciplinary NexGen TB Research Advancement Center (IN-TRAC)


Johns Hopkins

  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Tuberculosis Research (


Weill Cornell

  • Weill Cornell Medicine, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller



  • University of California, San Francisco; University of California, Berkeley