Drs. Coler, Parish, Urdahl

SEATRAC's dynamic core programs facilitate a decrease in the global burden of TB through training and multi-disciplinary research.

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Meet our Multiple Principal Investigators:

Chetan Seshadri

Chetan Seshadri, MD

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Rhea Coler, PhD

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David Sherman, PhD

Learn more about Dr. Sherman


Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides operational management, including:

  • communications
  • website development and management
  • meetings and conferences coordination

The Administrative Core is led by Multiple Principal Investigators Drs. Chetan Seshadri, Rhea Coler and David Sherman with support from Administrative Director, Susan Mello and Program Manager, Jordan McCrary and Assistant Program Manager, Sadie Reitz at University of Washington's School of Medicine, South Lake Union Campus.


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Susan Mello, Executive MPA

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Jordan McCrary, BS

Program Manager


Sadie Reitz, MEd

Assistant Program Manager


Basic Science Core

The Basic Science Core provides:

  • training for scientists new to working in the Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) environment
  • lead training and consulting in advanced microbiology and immunology methods.

The Basic Science Core is led by Drs. Tanya Parish and Kevin Urdahl at Seattle Childrens Research Institute. 


Tanya Parish, PhD

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Kevin Urdahl, MD, PhD

Learn more about Dr. Udahl


Clinical & Translational Science Core

The Clinical and Translational Science Core provides and fosters:

  • lead training and consulting in:
    • clinical research methodology 
    • clinical immunology
  • a collaborative research environment with our international partners

The CTS Core is led by Dr. Paul Drain at Harborview Medical Center.



Paul Drain, MD, MPH

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Advancing TB research through open-access,
multi-domain, global TB data and tools.

Data Science Core

The Data Science Core aims to enhance data science for TB by:

  • improving data science literacy
  • enabling utilization of data science methods in TB research
  • catalyzing cross-disciplinary collaborations between TRAC researchers and New-to-TB data scientists through: 

The Data Science Core is led by Drs. Shuyi Ma and Andrew Fiore-Gartland at Seattle Children's Research Institute and Fred Hutch Cancer Center, respectively



Shuyi Ma, PhD

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Andrew Fiore-Gartland, PhD

Learn more about Dr. Fiore-Gartland

Skills for Health and Research Professionals (SHARP) Training at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

Development Core

The Developmental Core oversees current and new programs designed to foster career development of junior or senior investigators that are new to TB research. These programs are:

  • innovative
  • educational
  • training-based
  • grant-related

The Development Core is lead by Drs. Thomas Hawn and Sylvia LaCourse


Sylvia LaCourse, MD, MPH

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Tom Hawn, MD, PhD

Learn more about Dr. Hawn


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