Annual Symposium

Auditorium full of students.

The 7th Annual Symposium featured Dr. Branch Moody, Harvard Medical School, as keynote speaker. Dr. Moody spoke on "Molecular Discoveries in the M. tuberculosis Cell Envelope".

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7th Annual TB Symposium

May 5, 2023 / 8am to 4:30pm
Orin Smith Auditorium, SLU Campus

Featuring Dr. Branch Moody, Harvard Medical School, as keynote speaker. Dr. Moody will be speaking on "Molecular Discoveries in the M. tuberculosis Cell Envelope"


7th Annual UW Tuberculosis Symposium Agenda - “Discoveries to help end the TB epidemic; a new vision for the 21st century”

Friday, May 5th, 2023; 8am-4pm PDT, SLU Orin Smith Auditorium

8:00-8:30am       Breakfast/Poster Set-Up

Session I Moderator             Chetan Seshadri, MD

8:30-8:35am       Chetan Seshadri, MD (UW), “SEATRAC Introduction”

8:35-9:35            Keynote: D. Branch Moody, MD (Harvard), Molecular Discoveries in the M. tuberculosis Cell Envelope”

9:35-9:50            Early Career Scientist: Megan Maerz, PhD candidate (UW), “Understanding γδ T cell responses to BCG vaccination

9:50-10:15          Break

Session II Moderator            Sylvia LaCourse, MD, MPH

10:15-10:45        David Horne MD, MPH (UW), “Systemic inflammation predicts bacillary aerosolization and infectiousness in pulmonary tuberculosis in Kenya"

10:45-11:00        Early Career Scientist: Aparajita Saha, MBBS, (UW), “Diminished TB-specific T cell responses during pregnancy in women with HIV and further alteration by isoniazid preventive therapy.

11:00-11:30        Early Career Scientist: Jennie I. Ruelas Castillo, PhD candidate (John Hopkins University), “The heme oxygenase-1 metalloporphyrin inhibitor stannsoporfin enhances the activity of a novel regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in a murine model

11:30-11:45        Early Career Scientist: Sara Cohen, PhD (Seattle Children’s) “Prior Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure enhances the efficacy of subunit vaccination

11:45-2:00          Lunch, Poster Session (SLU C123B)

Session III Moderator          Tanya Parish, PhD

2:00-2:15             Early Career Scientist: Amala Bhagwat, PhD (Seattle Children’s), “Aminothiazoles kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis via copper-dependent inhibition of enolase”     

2:15-2:30             Early Career Scientist: Manuja Sharma, PhD candidate (UW) “TBscreen: A Passive Cough Classifier for Tuberculosis Screening with a Controlled Dataset

2:30-30                 Bioinformatics Panel Session, Andrew Fiore-Garland, PhD (Fred Hutch), moderator

  • John Aitchison, PhD (Seattle Children’s)

  • Nitin Baliga, PhD, MSc (Institute for Systems Biology)

  • Shuyi Ma, PHD (Seattle Children’s)

  • Jen Ross, PhD (UW)

  • Stewart Chang (BMGF)

3:30-4:00             Christoph Grundner, PhD (Seattle Children’s) “PE/PPE proteins: Ins and outs of mycobacterial outer membrane transport”


4:00-6:00pm       Light refreshments and drinks (SLU C123B)


Abstract Submission

Early Career Scientist Award applications are accepted once per year, prior to the Annual TB Symposium. Applications will be reviewed by SEATRAC Development Core and evaluated according to their contributions as demonstrated by the creativity, technical accomplishments, and impact of their research. Applications are due by 5pm on Friday, March 24, 2023.