Seminar Series & Mycobacterial Interest Group

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SEATRAC hosts and promotes seminars, presented by local and visiting scientists, from all over the world, speaking on basic and clinical science current research.

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Friday, May 26, 2023

In-person SLU F106, Noon-1:00 pm PST

Mycobacterium Interest Group Seminar
ft. Drs. Sylvia LaCourse (UW) and Whitney Harrington (SCRI)

Friday, June 30, 2023

In-person SLU F106, Noon-1:00 pm PST

Mycobacterium Interest Group Seminar ft.
Dr. David Horne (UW), Study of infectiousness in people with TB

Dr. Engi Attia (UW)



April 28, 2023:

Ft. Parish Lab (SCRI)

Dr. Eric Greve, PhD, A Novel scaffold with pH-dependent bactericidal activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis

Dr. Luiza Galina, PhD Fellow, High content assay to prospect new anti-tubercular compounds

March 17, 2023: Ft. Adrienne Shapiro, MD, PhD (UW)
February 17, 2023:

Ft. Shuyi Ma, PhD (SCRI) Investigating the consequences of Mycobacterium tuberculosis kinase regulation

Andrew Fiore-Gartland, PhD, (Fred Hutch), Progress Towards Human Immune Correlates of Protection for BCG and M72/AS01E vaccines

January 27, 2023: 

Ft. Coler Lab (SCRI)

Hazem Abdelaal, PhD, Bedaquiline and capreomycin drug treatment against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the preclinical mouse model 

December 9, 2022:

Ft. Urdahl Lab (UW)

Elya Shamskhou, PhD candidate The Mediastinal Lymph Node: site of T cell priming and chronic Mtb infection

November 18, 2022:

Ft. Shah Lab (UW)

Michelle Sabo, MD, PhD, MUC5AC genetic variation is associated with tuberculosis meningitis CSF cytokine responses and mortality

October 28, 2022:

Ft. Sherman Lab (UW) and Grundner Lab (SCRI)

Mark Jones, PhD, Probing caseum for Mtb transcriptional signatures

Vishant Boradia, PhD

September 30, 2022:

Ft. Seshadri Lab (UW) and Hawn Lab (UW)

Debbie Cross, MR1-restricted T-cell clonotypes and their association with “resistance” to M. Tuberculosis infection

Josh Ivie, PhD, Macrophage GWAS:  A Platform to Discover Human Genetic Determinants of TB Pathogenesis